Trip Ratings


Level I
Easy / Moderate

  • Can involve travel over dirt, rough roads and visits to attractions in areas where modern medical facilities may not be readily accessible.

  • Easy, slow-paced activities may be included such as sightseeing, walking excursions of one to three hours, and boat excursions. Elevations are generally up to 3,000 m. (10,000 ft.).

  • Good health is essential.

Level II

  • May include general overland transportation on dirt roads, boat excursions, moderate half-day or full-day hikes, or other outdoor activities of three to five hours in length.

  • Some trips in this grade may include one to four-nights camping in a tent. Elevations up to 3,700 m. (12,000 ft.) can be reached or some nights may be spent at these altitudes.

  • Average fitness is necessary and important.

Level III

  • Specifies an activity-oriented adventure involving hiking and lodging. Up to five or more nights spent camping in a tent.

  • Hiking distances average 9-16 km. (6-10 mi.) per day over a varied terrain. Trekking altitudes neighboring 4,000 m. (12,000 ft.) are common, while some passes or cols as high as 4,500 m. (15,000 ft.).

  • Good level of fitness is required. Experience is recommended.

Level IV

  • Implies a challenging trekking adventure with activities including up to ten or more nights spent camping in a tent.

  • Hiking distances average up to 18 km. (12 mi.) per day. Altitudes up to 5,150 m. (17,000 ft.) are frequent in our trekking programs.

  • Requires very good health, fitness and endurance.

  • Prior experience is highly recommended.