Our mission: reforest the Andes


Reforestation In Action

Quenual forests have existed pretty much since the birth of the Andes mountain range and are very important to the Andean biodiversity. Within these forests you'll find a large variety of unique species, endemic to these trees. Some are rare and unique birds, like the Tit-like Dacnis. This endemic bird can be found in pairs or in small groups. They may occur in high densities (12 or more per hectare of Quenual forests in Peru).

conservation benefits

Our idea is to help local communities of the Andes to reforest their landscape, while having a positive impact on the places we visit on our trips. It's an initiative we adapted after learning from their elders that the vast majority of the valleys had some significant loss of native trees called Quenuales (Polylepis).

Today's shortage of this native tree is due to their use in cooking and heating local homes.

Why Take Action

Our goal is to reach local communities inviting them to participate and help us plant some trees. We want to share the importance of taking care the environment, understanding the fragile and important biodiversity that lives among them. Every single effort from our part will transform their perception of their surroundings and help preserve it for the future generations.