hiking tours in south america

see peru, machu picchu, and patagonia

We love hiking, we love being outdoors, and we couldn't be more passionate about it. It has inspired us to offer these hiking tours across South America, in the countries of Peru, Chile and Argentina. These trips offer beautiful sceneries along coasts and beaches, around the Andes and its valleys full of contrasts, and through the cloud and rain forests full of unique diversity.

Peru Hiking Tours

Cordillera Huayhuash         

Huayhuash is one of those hikes that appeals to both our outdoors-y and non outdoors-y people. For the non-avid hiker, congratulations! There's no better way to start hiking than to join our 11-day adventure up to this beautiful mountain range

Alpamayo & Cordillera Blanca

One of the most famous mountaineering destinations in the region and for connoisseurs around the world. You will reach high passes with breathtaking views of peaks between 18 km. to 21 km. like Alpamayo, Chacraraju, Chopicalqui, Huandoy, and Huascaran, the fourth highest mountain in the American continent


Choquequirao is a relatively recent discovery compared to Machu Picchu. However, its architecture is just as developed. If you are trying to stay away from big crowds or have already been to Machu Picchu but can't wait to go back to Peru because you loved it, then we've got you covered.


Choquequirao, Huancacalle & Machu Picchu

Another beautiful hike that takes us to Machu Picchu. This time we start from a town near Cusco, head to Choquequirao for a warm up on Inca architecture, and then arrive at Machu Picchu a few days later. Our Native Paths expert will guide you through the captivating and impressive Inca history and culture.


Patagonia Hiking Tours


Hiking Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the most magical places in the world, offering amazing views, people, and mountains. It's a peaceful place with intense landscapes that make all visitors want to stay. Locals say that every visitor leaves a piece of his heart in Patagonia, We love it so much there that we wanted to share its beauty through this once-in-a-lifetime tour.


south bound: torres del paine

One of the main attractions of this tour is the fact that you can have a one week getaway to an amazing Chilean National Park on this 6-day trip. Although we have to be honest: magnificent rock formations, walls and peaks (locally known as "horns"), waterfalls and glaciers, are the true stars of this tour.