Tours in Chile

Hike Torres del Paine and The Atacama Desert

Our tours in Chile are all about exploration, adventure and love for the outdoors. If exploring and wandering into wild places is your thing, we suggest you consider visiting Chile. It's home to one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama dessert, and extremely beautiful mountain ranges in Patagonia.


Exploring Atacama and The Andes Highlands

One of our favorite off-the-beaten path programs, that will captivate your camera lens with breathtaking landscapes.

We start in Chile with a 6-day hike on the Silver Road, summiting two 14ers and adventuring into the most arid desert in the world, Atacama. We follow by walking on the cloud printed ground of the Uyuni Salt Flats surrounded by the colorful mountain ranges of Bolivia.


South Bound: Torres del Paine                     

This tour combines the very best of The Chilean Patagonia with the comfort of our fine selection of lodges (known as hosterías) in the area. 

This program includes moderate trekking performed at a slow pace with necessary stops to ensure that any hiker can keep up. All treks will also include a mid-way turnaround point.